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Hannes Unt

Gideon Burton

Aether Insiders

Framing Visions of A New World

Hannes Unt

Gideon Burton

In the intricate landscape of luxury eyewear, Aether emerges as a unique blend of visionary design and innovation. Founded in 2019 by award-winning Creative Director Hannes Unt and Canadian entrepreneurs Andy Shi and Raymond Shi, Aether is the embodiment of a vision where cutting-edge design, technological innovation, and a passion for artistic excellence converge.

The journey towards establishing Aether was catalysed by a dynamic collaboration that began in 2014.

Over these formative years, the founders engaged in a series of creative endeavours, each marked by innovation and a flair for the extraordinary. This period of collaboration, rich with diverse projects and accolades, set the groundwork for Aether’s ethos of experimentation and future-forward design.

Aether's design philosophy is a thoughtful balance of Scandinavian minimalism infused with avant-garde aesthetics. This blend achieves a unique identity, producing eyewear that showcases understated elegance alongside bold, artistic expression.

Our Culture of Multidisciplinary Collaboration: A Confluence of Independent Creatives

At the core of Aether’s DNA is a diverse assembly of artists and designers from various disciplines. This collective includes 3D artists who bring digital concepts to life, industrial and spatial designers who redefine physical forms, sound and video experts who create immersive experiences, photographers who capture the essence of style, and graphic visionaries who craft visual narratives.

Each member of this eclectic team contributes their unique creativity, endowing every Aether piece with distinct character and soul.

Innovation is the cornerstone of Aether's ethos, fueled by a relentless pursuit of exploration and technological advancement.

Central to our innovative drive is the Aether Research capsule series—a pioneering collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence, paving new pathways in eyewear design.

Complementing this, our Aetherapy initiative offers a collection of meditative soundscapes and audiovisual content, designed to enhance the sensory experience of our audience. These soundscapes are part of our broader commitment to creating immersive, mood-enhancing experiences that extend beyond traditional eyewear.

In the short time since the launch of our first collection in 2021, Aether has transcended traditional notions of origin and location. Embracing a digital-first ethos, we have woven a tapestry that spans continents and cultures. Aether is not defined by a single place but by the collective spirit of innovation and design that resonates with our diverse, worldwide community. We are a brand without borders, committed to crafting eyewear that echoes the unique styles and preferences of an international audience.

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